HSI Support

In today's business environment information technology changes so frequently that it is hard for many companies to keep up. It can be overwhelming and costly. HSI Technologies has the expert knowledge you need to keep your business technology working efficiently.

HSI technologies provides its clients with stable, reliable and secure IT infrastructures, so they can focus on the operation and growth of their dental practice. It is paramount to keep system uptime high to ensure the enhanced proficiency of your practice. HSI Technologies will proactively monitor, manage and optimize the entire lifecycle of your practice IT infrastructure. We will keep your practice's IT infrastructure aligned with your practice strategy therefore delivering improved practice results. We will protect your network from interruptions to ensure business continuity and provide you with comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans to reduce your security risk.


List of Support Plans we provide;

  • Proactive Support
  • Managed Plan


  • Features
  • Professional Windows Update/Patch Management
  • Rapid Data Recovery
  • Rapid Workstation Recovery
  • Professional Management of all Hardware and Software
  • 24x7-Continuous Monitoring of Your Systems
  • Expert Technical Support on-Demand
  • Administration of Your Network
  • Vendor Relationship Management


  • Benefits
  • Improved Employee Productivity
  • Fixed Monthly Fee
  • Budgetable computer system lifecycle
  • Professional Management of all Hardware and Software
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Single Source Solution for all of your Technology
  • Reliable Operations
  • Elimination of recurring problems
  • Discounts for additions

Support Plans

  • $CALLProactive Support
  • $CALLManaged Plan
  • HSI Technologies Managed Services are comprehensive and cost-effective, enabling you to take advantage of both preventative and emergency services, whenever you need them. The package offers unlimited technical support and complete computer infrastructure administration and management for a fixed monthly price, ensuring that your technology runs smoothly. Managed Services include professional administration of all your technology needs; ongoing anti-virus and spam protection; hard drive imaging and recovery; server maintenance; continuous system monitoring; router, firewall, and vendor relationship management; and HSI-based technical support staff available for rapid response, on- or off-site guaranteed.

Proactive Support

ProActive IT Support provides a solution with customizable maintenance program, opening a universe of IT Support options to our clients

Managed Plan

Managed IT Plan provides a solution with a FIXED IT COST with no hidden fees.